• Concept

    Print with ideals.

    With print, ideals will come true.



    Based on your strong ideals, we will print on the product.

    Products printed with your ideals will boost your realization of your ideals.

    I think that there is the ability to make your ideals in manufacturing with ideals.

    We are a company that plans, sells, and processes apparel products, aiming to achieve ideals through printing.


    PRINT PRODUCE department will do the best plan with apparel design expertise and new idea.

    The PRINT FACTORY department carries out printing with many experience and high technology cultivated.


    By doing these processes together closely with customers, we share the pleasure of co-creation ideal products, and realize "only one ideal print" for you.


    We propose a plan to drop your "ideal" to "product".


    We will realize "ideal product" with various expressive techniques and high reproducibility.

  • Philosophy



    ICHINOSAI was born and raised in Yuzawa City located in southern part of Akita Prefecture.

    By enduring the extremely cold long winter, "Tohoku people" have fed tenacity and passion.

    The silent and hard attitude has been suited to create a variety of great products.

    We inherit the attitude of " Tohoku people" and we will be honestly working on manufacturing.




    I would like to make products with customers, with ideals and commitment.

    I would like to share the joy of being reflected in products by the printing technology I have cultivated.

    From such thought ICHINOSAI was born.

    Since the site of creation and the site of manufacturing are now separated, I feel the need for a place to connect both thoughts and create together.

    By creating a place for co-creation, we will realize your ideals.




    Pursue the ideal



    Since its founding, we have been subcontracting prints for customers who are committed to making things such as apparel brands.

    In order to respond to customers' expectations, we pursued expressive techniques and repeatedly studied technologies.

    Based on techniques developed by craftsmen who cultivated a lot of experience and original technology development, we will continue to aim to create ideal prints that are not in the world.



    Tradition and innovation

    With ICHINOSAI, the PRINT PRODUCE division subcontracted prints, which has cultivated many achievements and high technology.


    In addition, PRINT PRODUCE division was newly established by combining apparel design expertise and a new idea.


    We value the spirit of "Tradition and innovation" that keeps evolving constantly by incorporating new ideas while keeping the tradition so far.


    "Five-tier ladder" is a family crest of a founder and is a symbol of ICHINOSAI.

    This symbol contains the ICHINOSAI philosophy of "honesty to hand over", "bridge between customers and craftsmen", "ambition to aim for further height", "Tradition and innovation".